384-Column DNA-SynTower® (Custom designed

The DNA SynTower® enables up to 4000 oligonucleotides
(20 mer) to be synthesized within 24 h

The SynTower® is the latest development of the PolyGen instrument line. Its modular design is based on the SynTowers® DNA Synthesis Workstation.

Up to 32 modules with 12 columns each can be operated independently. Thus, up to 384 oligonucleotides can be synthesized in parallel.

For you, this means:
Flexible working conditions

Independent control of the different modules via separate power supplies and processor circuit boards.

In this way, should errors occur, one module can be stopped or serviced while the others continue to synthesize.

The modules can be run separately with different synthesis programs and at different scales.

Reliable process monitoring

Separate DMT monitoring for all 96 columns.

The module function is based on the patented Slider System,
as is used in the proven 10-column synthesizer.

Calculation and monitoring
of reagent consumption

The entire DNA Synthesis Workstation can be provided with reagents from a central source and the consumption monitored.

The reagents are supplied from large-volume reservoirs that can be customized to the synthesis scale of users. In this way frequent refilling of reagents is rendered unnecessary.

Convenient placement in your lab The required space is minimal: 120 x 120 x 100 cm (length x depth x height).
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