PolyGen Synthese Manager
PolyGen Synthese Manager - Workstation
PolyEasy - easy to use with 10-Column DNA Synthesizer

Example shows the input of modification


Controlling the Synthesizer:

Up to 30 DNA Synthesizers can be controlled simultaneously. Communication can be by RS 232, RS 485 or Ethernet interface or a combination of these. New and older instruments can be connected.


Synthesis programs: setting, saving, selection and import (of 16-bit software*)

  • Saving of any number of synthesis programs
  • Modifier Database
  • Modifier specific coupling programs
  • Wobbles (mixed sites) database
  • Standard or universal CPG possible

*Will soon be replaced with the PolyEasy Software.


Sequences: setting, saving, selection and import

  • Saving of any number of sequences
  • Sequence database with search and filter functions

DMT monitoring

  • Sequence monitoring
  • DMT values with settable alarm levels (minimum absorption)
  • Graphic illustration of DMT values as a column diagram
  • Automatic display of DMT values on the various columns

Firmware Update Manager

Simple updating with new firmware via serial interface

Polygen Synthese Manager
Oligo assignment
Example shows oligo filter
Oligo production manager
Screen shows oligo import
Input help for new oligo

PolyGen Synthese Manager is the high-end solution for:

  • 10-Column DNA Synthesizer
  • 12-Column DNA Synthesizer
  • 96-Column DNA Synthesis Workstation
  • 384-Column DNA SynTower®

These instruments can be used individually or in combination with the high-end software.

In addition to the "PolyEasy software", the PolyGen Synthese Manager has the following features:
  • Software adaptation according to customer requirements possible at any time
  • Multi-user facility – people with different access rights may use
  • Microsoft SQL Server database (includes MSDE; license-free version limited to 5 users)
  • PolyGen communications software (in background)
  • Update Manager for Firmware
  • PolyGen Synthesizer service software
  • Communication set-up software for networks

Performance of the Polygen Synthese Manager software:

  • Customer data administration software
  • Reagent administration, calculation of reagent consumption, reagent storage program
  • GMP and GLP- compatible documentation for the reagents used
  • Protocols of syntheses and reagents used
  • Numerous import functions, e.g. orders, sequences from the database, Excel, e-mails, websites...
  • Modifier management, Phosphorthioate, RNA, Wobbles (premixing); the various modifiers can be allocated to specific coupling programs.
  • Multi-programming: Up to three different synthesis programs selectable for one run
  • Back-up function
  • Form generator for labels (incl. barcode) and printouts
  • Barcode readers may be used
PolyGen Synthese Manager in connection with the workstation

This software has been developed for controlling the workstation (12-column modules). If several 10-Column DNA Synthesizers are to be used in parallel, all can be controlled and administered by the software.

Controlling the Workstation or SynTower®

  • Simple and rapid setting, importing and allocation of synthesis programs and sequences.
  • Autoprime, prime and autoprint functions
  • Protocols of all syntheses
  • Customer data administration
  • DMT monitoring (trityl-monitoring with minimum level alarm)- and much more.
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