10-Column DNA Synthesizer
10 oligonucleotide syntheses in one run

Minimal space requirement

The compact design – 43 x 39 x 36 cm (LxDxH) – means that a small area only is required.

At customer's wish housings with individual design can be printed.

The advantages of the PolyGen Synthesizer:

Minimal reagent consumption

  • Extremely economical in reagent consumption due to the patented
    Slider Block
    of low dead volume (ca. 3 µl).
    In the fast program:
    only 0.6 ml total solvent consumption per coupling
    In the high-quality program:
    only 1.1 ml total solvent consumption per coupling
  • Measurement of reagent addition is by integrated metering pump
  • Variable flow rates and times in each individual program step

No expensive pre-packed columns necessary

  • Costly consumables such as pre-packed columns become unnecessary as the reaction vessels are integrated in the Slider Block system
  • The CPG materials are directly fed into the column slider.

Wide synthesis range

  • From 10 nmole - 1 µmole per column.
  • From 1 µmole - 5 µmole with separate slider

Short synthesis times

  • 10 couplings in 6 minutes - 10 oligo-syntheses in one run (10-Column DNA Synthesizer).
  • 20-unit Poly-T in 1h 45 min using the fast program and up to 2 h 55 min using the high-quality program.

High degree of user-friendliness and ease of maintenance

  • No valve replacement required.
  • Maintenance-free due to patented Slider Block system.
  • Service and maintenance contracts unnecessary.

Direct data transfer from PC

  • The 10-Column DNA Synthesizer can be operated as a stand-alone instrument or with various software suites via PC.
  • Direct transfer of sequences from your database to the synthesizer is
    thus possible.

Flexible, user-oriented software

DMT system for reliable process monitoring

  • Each individual column can be monitored by DMT; the entire synthesis process is thus constantly under review. If the minimum required absorption is not achieved, a warning signal is given; alternatively,
    the process can be stopped.
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