How to produce perfect Oligonucleotides!
These are your problems:
High consumption of reagents
Expensive pre-packed columns
Long synthesis times
Constant cleaning and replacement of valves
High cost of service contracts
Bound by reagent contracts
Here are the solutions:
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Extremely low consumption of reagents
No expensive pre-packed columns necessary
Short synthesis times
Innovative synthesizer with Slider Technology
Minimal service costs; no service contracts
No binding to reagent contracts
And, in addition:
Comprehensive, flexible software
Reliable DMT – online monitoring for all columns
High synthesis capacity from 10 nmole - 8 µmole per column
Suitable for all production scales – with 10,12, 96 and 384 columns
10-Säulen DNA Synthesizer 10-Column
12-Säulen DNA Synthesizer 12-Column DNA Synthesizer 96-Säulen DNA Synthese Workstation 96-Column DNA Synthese
384-Säulen SynTower® 384-Column


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